Saturday, November 9, 2019

Sears Wishbook 1930's

The first Sears Christmas Wishbook (Officially called the "Sears Christmas Book") came out in 1933. It was a whopping 84 pages. The catalog offered everything from Lionel Train Sets to Singing (live) Canaries. 

1937 Catalog contained 104 pages. Included were Mince Meat Pies that could be ordered in time for the holidays.

Pages from 1937 - Trains


1937 - Personally, I love the free "Auto Goggles and Helmet" that came with the 1937 Streamliner.

All Types of Candy in 1937

Bicycle from the 1938 Catalog

The rest is history as they say. Now children of all ages could see what Santa could possibly bring. The artwork of the items on the pages alone fascinated me.  Remember this catalog came out in the midst of the Great Depression, so it truly was a “Wishbook” for most Americans.

Sears offered insurance through their insurance line, Allstate, starting in the catalogs of the 1930s.

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