Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Way too Early!!

I fear I have become a curmudgeon about Christmas. Well, not so much Christmas, but celebrating early - all the Christmas tree paraphernalia, giant blow-ups of elves, sleighs, and Santa, and wrapping paper are over whelming me when I walk into a Lowes before Thanksgiving. Hell, before Halloween it is frightening (no pun intended).

Don't get me wrong, my little heart goes pitter-patter when I see that first decorated (albeit not-real) Christmas tree. Nothing fills my mood with glee as boxes and shelves of elegant tree ornaments. Or the wonderful smell of scented pine cones. However, these experiences are not just the same when I am on the hunt for an Autumn wreath for my front door. 

'Patience young Grasshopper.'

Down South we aren't blessed with snow. I've never seen a white Christmas. Unfortunately, we also have this wonderful warm climate. Well, it's nice until you get to Christmas. If I wanted a warm Christmas, I'd move to Miami. Given all this, our falls can be warm, sometimes downright hot. The Christmas spirit does envelop my heart when I am shopping in short pants and a sleeveless shirt. However, this October I was in a store, dressed for the weather in a sun dress, when I found myself bombarded by twinkling lights, animated reindeer, and a blow up of Santa and his sleigh that was larger than life.

Searching my Psyche, I feel that as I age, time moves more quickly, and it seems to do so at a rapid pace. Personally, I am having enough time dealing with my mortality. As I try to live in the moment, I just want to enjoy life day-to-day. However, my little mind is overwhelmed by the confusion of the fall holidays with Christmas. Can we just go back to one holiday at the time?

Now, I will be the first to admit that the Friday after Thanksgiving is not "Black Friday" for me. The idea of fighting the crowds in the malls or the hoards blocking the aisles in Walmart make me breakout with hives. For me, that Friday is the kick-off of My Official Christmas Season - the day we get our Christmas tree. Say no more.

Personally, Thanksgiving is the beginning of the Holiday season. Not to disparage Thanksgiving - it is truly my favorite holiday of the year. But, I enjoy taking it in time, day to day, in the correct chronological order. Drugs and therapy have allowed me to deal with the mental overload of a premature Christmas. As I make my way through the displays of Christmas trees in late September, wade through the cards and wrapping paper looking for a roll of birthday paper among the rows of red, white, green, holly and  Santa rolls, or endure stacks of boxes of tree ornaments, I just quietly repeat my soul saving mantra - "It's OK, I can deal with this", "It' OK", "It's OK."

Eventually, I get to my car, take that deep breath, and reassure my self that I have not in fact skipped most of October and the first weeks of November. I still have those days to enjoy. As the car starts the sound of "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" comes over my XM radio. My soul is lifted. 

OK, OK, even I can have a guilty pleasure. My justification: it is only in my car, it is not hurting anyone. After years of professional help, I can admit to myself, that even I look forward to that joyous season. Now I just need to overcome my addiction to holiday movies that start airing on October 25.

Yes, I am in denial. However, it is not below me to fuss over the early displays and aisles of Christmas in October. That is just wrong - in so many ways. So, I am cranky. I'll continue to  fuss about the premature commercialization of Christmas. On my calender the 25th is circled in red - that is the 25th of October (when the first Holiday XM channels go on air). OK, sue me, get over it.

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