Friday, April 1, 2022

The Ages of Life

I realized yesterday that I am older than some of the women I thought years ago to be ancient. I'm not sure if that is more frightening or more sobering. Thinking back on it, if I thought someone in their 60's was timeworn, then someone in their 70's must have been archaic. I shutter to think how immature I must have seemed. 

Today (at least in my mind) the 60's are now the new 40's? Amazing how my attitude changes.

Suddenly "sensible shoes" make sense. A sweater set is practical.  Dining out earlier is a no brainer. After all the prices are better and there is rarely a wait for a table. Why would someone not check the weather first thing in the morning and always carry a coat?  One never knows. I check my mail box daily for the "snail mail" and I usually have stamps on hand.

I haven't yet reached the age of Bingo. My land line is long gone. I'm not into "house shoes" (however the fact that I even know the term makes me shudder). I never have the exact change - often because I never have cash. I have yet to watch reruns of Matlock or Murder She Wrote. My grandchildren will not find hard candy in my purse (although there may be a cough drop in there left over from last winter's bad cold.)

In reality, the Middle Ages is the name of historic period of time that ended in the late 15th century. In today's parlance, it is defined as the population aged 45 to 65. Now anyone over the age of 65, according to 'those who know', is referred to as  in"Late Adulthood". No doubt 'those who know' are in their late 20's. In reality, what do they know.

Age is just a number. Unless one has 'Doc' Brown and his 1981 Delorean, one is left to their own devices to make their way through time day to day.  Life is truly a state of mind. To be trite, it is what each of us makes of it. As the French would say "vivre la vie au maximum" and "carpe diem". If you are not sure of the translations, hopefully you will seek Google rather than your World Book Encyclopedia for help. Just saying!