Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hell in a Hand Basket

And folks ask me why I want to move to some distant remote island in the West Indies?

Well let's see, the Israelis and Palestinians are killing each other. The Syrian government is killing their own citizens. God only knows what is going on in Iran and Iraq. Putan's thugs in the Ukraine don't have enough respect for the remains of those who lost their lives in the MA-17 tragedy to allow authorities to enter the area and remove the bodies. And now the breakout of Ebola in Africa threatens the rest of world being only one "plane ride" away.

The United States Congress is basically useless, strangled by partisan bickering and more interested in protecting their jobs (getting re-elected) than being concerned about the US economy and jobs for the taxpayers funding their jobs. And now they are preparing to leave on their annual August break - basically a five week vacation.

FOX cancelled Raising Hope, NBC cancelled The Micheal J. Fox Show, CBS cancelled How I Met Your Mother, and worst of all ABC cancelled Trophy Wife - Seriously. (Some people have way too much time on their hands.) The world may truly end because CBS has yet to negotiate a contract with Jim Parsons for the 2014-15 season - the Big Bang without Sheldon - just saying? That would be akin to Scandal without Olivia Pope. 

The world is going to Hell in a hand basket. This world is full of knuckle heads. Yes, the beauty queens are living in a world of fairy tales and silver clouds when they wish for world peace. Don't we all. 

But to cancel The Trophy Wife! Oh the inhumanity of it all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Books and Windmills

I have finished my final read of the book. (Well, final before I enter my "readers' " final edits and corrections and I do my LAST final read through.) I have some how convinced four dear friends to spend some of their valuable spare time to read through the draft and offer their thoughts, suggestions, corrections, and edits. Also, my editor has the draft back for a final look see.

Of course in doing my last run through I added new next, removed some words I thought were superfluous, remembered some details I had forgotten about, and corrected every error I could find. There is little doubt in my mind that I could read through the text every day and make changes with every read. Personally I am ready to put this to bed, send it off, have it printed and send it to the nether world. 

So now I await the words and corrections from my "readers". Soon "The Mother of the Bride Should Never Wear Blue and a Proper Southern Wedding is Never Held at Low Tide" will be out there for God and every one to read. And my DH will no longer walk past my office, stick his head in, and ask, "Are working on that book, again?" 

He takes my writing about as seriously as he would Don Quixote and the windmills. Personally I could see myself enjoying adventures with my trusty steed  Rocinante in La Mancha. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Awaiting the Call

The vigil continues. Now every time the phones rings I jump. Could this be the call? Is she in labor? At the hospital? Has the baby been born? My poor daughter, I know she hates calling by now. But she faithfully calls each morning. She is no fool. She knows her preemptive call will stay off the impending "How are you feeling this morning?" call she knows will otherwise be forthcoming. New To-be-Grandparents are pitiful.

My DH wants so badly to make plans for our annual August vacation. He is torn, knowing full well, they will most likely be for naught. Either the baby will be here or we will still be awaiting her arrival. Of course his MO is, "By that time, she will be here and settled and you will be ready to go somewhere." Tell that one to someone who cares.

Like he is not obsessed. Yesterday he was still concerned that our daughter has yet to find the super duper can-do-everything-but-convert-to-a-flying-machine stroller she plans to buy. She is trying to find the best deal. I think he feels left out of "the hunt". Knowing her father, she called this morning to tell him she thought she had found one, but it was in Charleston, did he think he could pick it up for her? Once again, the genius in her comes through.

So we wait.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Life Moves On

I trying to do the final edits of the wedding book so I can get it out. I have sent it to several readers for their thoughts. Naturally, I am reading through it again, and making even more changes. I cannot decide whether it is my albatross or Lady McBeth's spot. (Ah, the curse of an English major!)

Meanwhile we are awaiting the impending arrival of our first grandchild. So as I finish my book on weddings, I wonder if a book on the perils of grandmother-hood is in the making. I would never attempt one on being a parent, first my children would shoot me, second it would be a sad commentary on life. Although it would support the survival of the fittest premise. but, I digress.

Back to the wedding book. Reading through it for the 59th time, I realize that I did survive my wedding and managed to pull off my daughter's wedding with minor trauma. Check! Then it dawned on me - I have two daughters. 

Solace was nice while it lasted.

No Plan, No Agenda

Some time in the next 4 weeks we should become grandparents. Now we are at the point it could be any day. We learned several weeks ago that because our new little bundle of joy decided that she is going to stay put (in a breech position) that her birth will be by c-section. That being the case, her birth will not be a case of the family holding vigil in the waiting room while my daughter endures hours upon hours of labor. She will arrive by c-section.

Each August my DH and I take a trip to Florida around our wedding anniversary. I realized in December when we were told our daughter was expecting that those plans were most likely going to change. I just figured my calendar from now until mid September (at least) was a blank slate. 

I am not saying that I will necessarily be with my daughter helping her. First we don't know what date we are starting with and then my daughter doesn't know what she will need once the baby is born. She may need help, she may not. I am flexible. My attitude, let's take it a day at the time.

My DH, not so much. He doesn't do uncertainty very well. A blank day is a scary thought. No agenda is unheard of. He still wants to discuss the trip to Florida. When I tell him, "We'll  just have to see," he gets very frustrated. Oh, don't get me wrong, he is very excited about the impending birth. It is the just the blank spaces that he has issues with, the unknown.

Our granddaughter has failed to file a plan. I just think my DH has forgotten 29 years ago, our oldest daughter did not file a pre-birth plan either. We winged it and did fairly well I might add. I'm OK with wide open spaces.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

And So It Goes, a Movie Review

Sometime you just need a movie like the older man walking out of the theater behind me commented to his wife, "Now there's a good old romance. I liked that."  Well it's not quite that simple, And So It Goes, Rob Reiner's new film did not strike the professional critics that way. Micheal Douglas plays a crotchety old realtor who just wants to sell his last house and retire. Diane Keaton plays his neighbor a nightclub singer. Oren (Douglas) is able to get his way about almost everything until his son drops a granddaughter he never knew he had off on his doorstep for several months. Not only was this not in his plans, it doesn't suit, and he tries to pawn her off on Leah (Keaton).

The story is not necessarily as predictable as one would think. I am not a Keaton fan but found this to be a better role for her than usual. The role of Oren could have been written for Douglas. The story is funny and poignant. It does not lag and brings together a well rounded cast. My favorite is Claire played by Frances Sternhagen (a Tony award winning actress) as a straight shooting elder relative who works in the realty office and is one of the only people in world who understands Oren and one of the few people he trusts. 

Perhaps the critics panned it because they compared this to Reiner's previous box office hits such as When Harry met Sally and The Bucket List. Comparing anything anyone does to When Harry met Sally is like going against Gone with the Wind, just move along. Let's just say Rob Reiner has not lost his talent. This is not a film for the critics. This is a film for those of us who want to escape the ugly news of the real world, house cleaning, and the office for 94 minutes and get lost in a story on the silver screen. 

It is nice to walk out of a theater for once feeling good, not that we had seen a hero save the world, not that we witnessed a spectacular epic with a cast of thousands, or the film of the year people will talk about for weeks. Rather, we just know for an hour and a half we were able to see other people handle a situation as best they could without a lot of angst and screaming. And when it was all over, we realized that could have been us. Well, maybe not in Fairfield, Connecticut in a 8.6 million dollar home. Hey, but we can always dream. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Freedom 55

Searching for a job at the age of 55 in today's world is not fun. Instead of getting credit for time served that gave me all my gray hair, I constantly read articles about how those in the 55 and above age range are "doomed" in this economy. That's always encouraging.

I was reading an article in my alumni magazine about jobs and they mentioned the "Freedom 55" and how it no longer exists. Why even bring it up? Those who started with the state or federal government straight out of college caught the the "Freedom 55". The rest of us missed the train. Sure I have 35 years of solid work experience. Unfortunately, I did not stay with the state for that entire time. And my time with the federal government started in my my late thirties. 

Oh, I have friends who are now retired and enjoying the good life. But that is not an option for me. So after taking nine months off to catch my breath, I am scrounging around like a mad one trying to fine a job that I can enjoy for the rest of my working life or, more likely, the rest of my life. My Daddy never told me it would be like this. But, then my Daddy never told me I would be living in a brick ranch house with flying squirrels in the den.  

All the cheery optimists say, when life throws you lemons just make lemonade. My thought is, when life throws you lemons, put them in the 'fridge for the iced tea and go find a quite bar that serves chilled wine.