Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Wall Mannered Young Man

Meanwhile, Della was getting Ada and Fred Barnes settled in with 'Miss' Cordelia. Pearl had already offered them lemonade and showed them their rooms. 

Della looked at their hostess,"'Miss' Cordelia, thank you again so much for opening your home up for Sam's parents' friends."

"Oh, sweetheart, I'm excited. I don't get to entertain as much as I used to. They'll be in good hands."

Della reached over and gave 'Miss' Cordelia a hug. "I know that."

By this time, Ada and Fred Barnes were back in the living room. "You have such a lovely home."

From the dining room came a young voice,"Pearl, I'm home." Wells McCord rounded the corner and stopped. "I'm sorry Granny Cordelia, I didn't realize you had company."

"Wells, this is Mr. and Mrs. Barnes. They are staying with us this week." She turned to the Barnes, "This is my great grandson Wells."

Wells walked into the room and shook the Barnes' hands. "Nice to meet you." He turned to his Great Grandmother, "I'm going to find Pearl, and then I have homework to do." Looking at Ada and Fred, he said,"See you later." With that Wells went back to the kitchen in search of Pearl.

"What a well mannered young man. Is he visiting?"

"No," 'Miss' Ella sighed. "He lives with me. Unfortunately, he is an orphan. He lost both his parents recently, and I felt it was my place to rear him." She smiled, "Well, me and Pearl." Pivoting, she looked at Della. "We just love this young lady. Why, I have watched her grow up. And, Sam, what a dear."

Della blushed, "'Miss' Cordelia, you know you are one of my favorites. Once she was sure they were settled, she excused herself to find Sam. 

"Oh, dear that is tragic. The poor young thing. He is lucky to have someone as caring as you."

"That is kind for you to say. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

Drama, Dallas, and Rayanne's Imagination

Next, it was on to 'Miss' Ella's with the Marcuses. When she came to the door, Sam introduced them, "'Miss' Ella, this is Tara and John Marcus, Sam's parent's best friends." "'Miss' Ella stood back and welcomed them into her living room. 

Tara was quick to thank her. "This is so nice of you to open your home to us." 

"Oh, it's nothing. I'm excited to get to know Sam's people. We just love Sam and Della. Please have a seat." She pointed to the sofa and wing chairs in her living room. Sitting on the coffee table was a silver tray laden with a large crystal pitcher of lemonade, 6 matching glasses, and a small plate of scones. 'Miss' Ella picked up the pitcher, "Can I offer you a glass of lemonade?"

"I would love some," said Tara with a smile.

"Mr. Marcus?"

"Oh, please, it's John, and yes, I would love some also."

She looked at Sam, "Sam?"

"No thank you, I just finished a glass and a half of Ed's tea." He looked at the tray, "Are those Hattie's scones?"

"They certainly are", said 'Miss' Ella as she poured the lemonade. She offered a glass with a small linen napkin to both Tara and John. 

Sam laughed,"You may not want to turn down those scones. They are Hattie's world famous scones."

'Miss" Ella smiled, "Hattie is the baker at the Goodness Gracious Tea House. If you think those are good, wait until you try her cheese straws and biscuits." Realizing her guests were full, she added. "Now, don't you worry, they are all in a tin on the kitchen counter. My home is your home, I want you to make yourself comfortable. If need something and cannot put your hands on it, just let me know."

They discussed the wedding and Sam's family. Soon, Sam knew he could safely leave without offending 'Miss" Ella or making his parents' best friends feel abandoned. He thanked 'Miss' Ella once again for her hospitality, reminded John and Tara he was only a phone call away, and excused himself.

"Miss" Ella made sure her guests were settled in. "There are towels in the bathroom and I hope anything else you need. I have left a key to the house on the dresser."  There is a coffee maker in the kitchen, as well as drinks and snacks on the counter. Please feel free to come and go as you wish. There is piece of paper under the key with my cell phone number." She paused, "If I have left anything out, please let me know. I'm never far away."

John laughed, "And the tin of goodies is on the kitchen  counter?"

"Of course. And if you find it empty, I'll have Hattie fill it up."

Tara and John thanked her and excused themselves. It had been a long day.

It wasn't long before Rayanne called, "Oh, Ella, I heard you have company. Are the Barnes staying with you."

"No, I think they are staying with Cordelia. John and Tara Marcus are staying here. And, I must say they are delightful."

"Oh," said Rayanne crestfallen. "I was hoping it was the Barnes. You know I've been thinking and thinking, and I just cannot place them."

"You've met them?"

"Oh, no. But I know they are somehow kin to Pamela Ewing, remember she was a Barnes. Then there was her brother Cliff and her daddy, Digger."

"Rayanne, this is not a TV show."

"Oh, I know that. But they are from Dallas. And, how many Barnes do you think there are in Dallas?"

"Rayanne, your imagination amazes me." They talked for a while and then rang off.

It wasn't a few minutes later before Rayanne called back. "Ella, you said they were the Marcuses?"

"Yes, Tara and John Marcus. They are Sam parents' best friends."

"I knew it. I just knew it."

"Knew what?"

"Neiman Marcus - they have to be those Marcuses. They are from Dallas."

"Rayanne, I do not think these are the 'Marcus' of Neiman and Marcus. Honestly. Good night." With that Ella rang off. She just shook her head at the thought of Rayanne's imagination.