Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Kind Review

OK this is a "Pat yourself on the Back"post but  every once in a while I'm entitled to such. The blog Electively Paige reviews books and I have found it to be a very interesting place to find new reads that one may not otherwise find (such as me). Paige humored me, read my book, and offered the following review, which I most appreciated. She also asked me to provide a guest post. I do not think she exactly knew what to expect with the guest post, but she found it humorous (fancy that). If you get a chance check out her blog. 

Review of Sterling Silver and Dollar Stores

I was really excited to read this memoir! Memoirs are a type of nonfiction that really speaks to me and I more often than not find myself really enjoying them. So, to combine that with the fact that, being a southern girl myself, I also really love reading about life here in the south so a memoir about the life of a southern woman certainly caught my attention. 

This memoir is a lot different than most I've read--it doesn't really go in chronological order. At first, and I'm going to be honest, I was a little put off by that. Then, however, I got to thinking. This book is about the life of a woman through the eyes of her daughter, from a young age. So, of course the author is not going to remember everything in just the right order. So, if she'd attempted to write it chronologically I feel it would be a little stilted, and as I read on I found myself really liking the way that she did write it. Basically, each chapter covered a category(so to speak) and it often contained some sort of wisdom from her mother. Such as the fact that she felt everyone should have a good set of real silver tableware and that you should use it for every meal. Sort of reminded me, in fact, of my grandmother's talk of silver when I was a young girl. Before to long, the author developed a voice that had me getting swept into each chapter's story, I found them to most all be interesting, and the little tidbits within made each one like a little short story.

In this book you get to read through the good times and the bad, about a woman who was so against divorce, but then ended up getting one. About a woman who that, although sometimes she wasn't always in the right frame of mind and didn't always do the absolute right things, really did want the best for her family. I found myself to greatly admire this woman and the daughter that cared enough about her mother to tell the world her story. I highly recommend for fans of a good memoir because, despite being different, I don't think this one will disappoint.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Loosing It

I'm starting to misplace items such as eye glasses, car keys, my cell phone. Now I realize that I am aging I am not in denial, I may not be happy about it but it happens. I find my key fob even more important on those few occasions when I lose my car in the parking lot. The alarm button was certainly put there as a car location device for those of us who remember watching My Three Sons or My Mother the Car. I digress.

Yesterday I started getting very concerned that perhaps I was in the early stages of dementia. My life is not so busy that I have an excuse for misplacing items I use daily. Maybe that little gold evening bag I use once every other year when I get to dress up and go some place fancy but certainly not my reading glasses that I often find on my head.

In today's world when Amazon knows my favorite color, Google can predict what I am thinking, my cell phone can always reveal my location, and it is impossible to escape the grid, perhaps misplacing my keys should upset me. But then a good sized country in the South China Sea can lose a Boeing 777 with almost 300 souls on it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More to It

Writing this second book has proven to be a little more difficult. First most of the text for the book on Mama I had already written before I started putting it together for the book. The other issue is that now I have already written one book there is much interest about the second one. In interest I do not mean like anticipation of some best seller everyone is waiting for with bated breath. This is more like, everyone has something to add to the story.

Don't get me wrong, at my age I can use all the  help I can get. Well, let me rephrase that - at my age I can use a lot of help. Before I let anyone know what the second book was about there were several suggested topics. One suggestion, made by several folks, was life at the zoo. That would be life around our house. I nixed that one, at least as long as we are all alive. 

Another suggestion was about my childhood. I do not think many people would find that very interesting. My imagination and creativity is much more entertaining than my life.

So when I finally revealed that the book would be about the three weddings, there was much input. One must realize that there were 29 folks in our wedding party alone and that did not include the dancing bear my brother swore was there. Looking back on it, my wedding more resembled a three ring circus than a double ring ceremony.

One of my nephews asked me this past weekend if he was in the new book. I gave him a blank look, trying to think why he would ask that. Then he reminded me, "Remember I was fired from the wedding." Oh, yeah there was that. So there even additional tidbits I need to add. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

What is the Problem?

My DH wants a new device that will make our lives more "simple". Just the thought of that idea makes me break out in hives. The last time something like this was proposed it took an hour long call to India on an 800 number, reprogramming of one TV, two cable boxes, and three remote controls to get our life back to normal, as well as serious consideration of marriage counseling. Let's just say it was not pretty.

The new proposed idea is a phone system that allows both of us to "park" our cell phones into a central integrated phone system when we enter the house. Each of our mobile numbers will have a different ring. So when either of us receive a call, we will hear the appropriate ring through the home phone system. The advantage (supposedly) is that both cell phones will be in cradles in a central place so they can easily be found when we get ready to leave the house. Also, they will be fully charged by the time we need them again. While at home we can use our standard house phone handsets to make phone calls on our respective mobile numbers.

To me this is fraught with issues. My DH finds my problem with the system unreasonable. I can see the train wreck on this one and it doesn't take a crystal ball. Personally I am not cotton to keeping my phone in a cradle in the kitchen. I carry it with me since I tend to get text messages. Also, I can see us having the "phone" ring in the house - "Wait that is your phone, it rang once." "No, it was yours, it was two single rings in succession." "Are you sure, that sounded like two rings to me."

When you pick up a handset to make a call, if my DH is on another handset, then I will have to go to the main console, retrieve my cell phone and use it the traditional way. Bottom line I think he is trying fix something that is not broken. But then again this item in on the first aisle of Costco as you walk in. Need I say more?

The last time we discussed this my DH said I just saw this as complicated. When I protested he reminded me that I also found his web of cords in the floor of his Subaru to handle all his electronics from the GPS to his cell phone and everything in between unsettling. I rested my case. This topic will not come up again - until the next trip to Costco.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chapter 33

From Chapter  33 - "I Never Got the Merit Badge"

(This is the latter part of  Chapter 33 from my new book on weddings - telling of some of the trials and tribulations of planning my daughter's wedding.)

       I never saw a merit badge on Wedding Planning when I was Girl Scout and my sash was filled with a plethora of badges ranging from First Aide to Camping to Forestry to Recycling. I was prepared for the gown, the invitations, the cake, and those matters. However, no one prepared me for the onslaught of issues that require copious quantities of drugs and alcohol to handle.  
       Linens - white or ivory? A runner? And, what color?Should it be satin or organza? What size stage does the band need? And, the dance floor?
      The venue needs another check. I have already paid them. A set-up fee? That wasn't in the contract. Oh, we can pay it or set-up the tables and chairs ourselves. That doesn't look like an option. And, the bakery wants $250 just to deliver the cake? I'm not sure my wedding dress cost that much. On second thought, isn't a wedding cake so over rated anyway?
     Do we want a golf cart to carry our guests from the polo field to the lawn? No, our guests can walk and enjoy the lovely grounds. Do we need one? No. What if  . . ? If something happens, we'll deal with it then. We've checked the guest list and no one is infirm. If someone does something stupid at the rehearsal dinner- they are on their own.
     “We” (the venue of the wedding and reception) did tell you that the street address on our website is not the correct address for GPS navigation, didn't we?” Oh, Joy! Since the plantation is two miles off the beaten path of the only main road in west Jesus, I guess they can wing it. The invitations have already gone out.
      Oh, and by the way, we did tell all the guests that they cannot get a taxi from the airport in Charleston to the island, the closest hotel is thirty miles from the venue, and to remember to bring mosquito repellent. Perhaps it was best not worry them about the alligators.  But, April would most likely be warm enough for them to be out and about.
      I know these were just the minor details that everyone deals with. But, I had enough trouble finding a dress. No one prepared me for golf carts, GPS coordinates, and runners.

Friday, April 18, 2014

My List Next Time

I keep a running list of things I am going to insist on next time I get married, not that I see a need for that. There is nothing wrong with this marriage. However, my Daddy (and Mrs. Hewitt, my Girl Scout leader) told me to always be prepared. If nothing else it is cathartic. And I say "running" because every once in a while something on my "Next Time" list occurs - miracles do happen.

Now my list does not include anything unreasonable, just a few things that would make my life a little better that I didn't consider asking for 32 years ago. So in my next life when looking for a husband I hope I will find someone who will be:
  • one who was not reared by a southern mother who never made him pick-up his stuff, or worse yet had a housekeeper who adored him,
  • one who understands that "nothing" doesn't mean nothing when given as the answer to the question, "What do you want for your birthday?"
  • one who understands that women do need shoes, lots of shoes and do not need a reason to justify them
  • one who understands that the best answer to the question, "What do you want for dinner?" is not "Oh, I don't care."
  • one who understands that the time to suggest we go out to dinner is before I start cooking
  • one who accepts I cannot make macaroni and cheese like his mother, pound cake like his grandmother, and cheese straws like his dear aunt
  • one who realizes that the sink doesn't wash the dishes, the automatic dishwasher does, but not until the dishes are put in it and it is as easy to put them in the dishwasher as the sink
  • one who realizes that Sams and Costco are to be shopped in moderation, we do not run a small retail market out of our home
  • one who just accepts the fact that the gas tank in my car will be empty every time he decides to drive it 
  • one who can read my mind when I tell him something instead of looking at me as if he did not understand a word I said (or didn't)
  • one who understands I like to use my sterling silver flatware at every meal even when there is veterinary medication, tubs of supplies, and  an empty bird box sitting on the kitchen table
  • and most of all, one willing to put up with all my issues