Wednesday, June 9, 2021

I Only Wanted To Play House

Whoever petitioned for women's right to work should have checked with the rest of us. I have no issue with anyone who wants to work outside the house, pursue a fulfilling career, make an honest living, turn around Yahoo, or whatever. However, did they ever consider in their fervor to enter the public workplace that they were letting a large Jeannie out of a very small bottle? 

Once, the men in this country got past the ego stage (well most of them, OK, OK, some of them) they realized this was not such a bad thing. More women in the workforce meant a bigger economy which meant more money for everyone. Well, that was until the Hedge Fund managers got involved. But, I digress.

Then that Jeannie was never going back in that bottle. Husbands realized that the household could now have two incomes, which soon became the norm. The rest is history. And, those of us ladies in the south who grew up thinking that life should just be about taking care of the household and our husband, raising the children, playing bridge, and having teas suddenly found those days gone with the wind. 

Well, a majority of us did. There are still those whose only concern is who has carpool that afternoon, do they have a court time lined up for their morning tennis game, and will they have Chardonnay or Pinot Grigeo for lunch. I know my Aunt Kat told me I should never hate anyone, but she is dead now, bless her heart. I loathe these women.

I would have no pride about staying home.  I have nothing to prove. My Daddy raised me with enough self esteem to know that, if need be, I could do whatever I wanted to, but I should not need to. A lady should be cared for if that is her wish. 

Yes, women should have the right to work, for equal pay, and  respect. I strongly believe in this, as it was drilled in me as a child. Ironically, Aunt Kat worked for Southern Bell for forty years and was proud to be a "Professional Women". While, my Aunt J'Nelle, the biggest 'Women's Libber' - as she was called- that I knew, had only one job in her life, and that lasted two years. Go figure. 

However, those insecure selfish women who petitioned, fought, and argued their way into the workforce did not have the sense of an earthworm to realize that by going about it the way they did and threatening the manhood of every male worker in the nation, they were making the professional road hard for every female following behind. 

Once, you threaten a man, it is like stepping on a fire ant hill - and don't think that you are the Queen Ant. That scenario doesn't fly here. Those women who thought making a public spectacle of themselves was the only way to achieve their goal, in my humble opinion, they badly mishandled the situation.  If you want to conquer men and get your way, every southern woman knows (as should every other woman in the world, if she had any sense about her) stroke their ego and feed them well. And, then make your case.

So while many of my friends seek to conquer the board rooms, the court rooms, and the halls of academia (and many - I am proud to say have!), I have set my personal goal on being a kept woman. Of course, now as I get on up there in age, I realize I have not been very successful at that goal. You know, on second thought, did anyone ever try to squeeze that damn Jeannie back in the bottle?

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