Sunday, November 28, 2021

As They Say, 'Tis the Season

As they say in the well known carol 'Deck the Halls', " 'Tis the season". Season for what? Frustration, angst, exhaustion? Aren't we supposed to be having fun? If so, I haven't reached that point yet.

But, I haven't reached the Bah Humbug stage yet either. I can still tolerate the Laying Geese, Calling Birds, French Hens, and Turtle Doves. I was able to rearrange the furniture and move a piece or two upstairs to make room for the tree, which is up and decorated. So far (fingers crossed) none of the glass ornaments on the decked evergreen have fell victim to the raucous play of the pups. Few needles have fallen off and it is taking up water daily. To be honest the fresh pine scent (alone) that greets me every morning when I come downstairs is worth the trouble to put up the tree.

My shopping list is down to those last "What the Hell do you get them's" and I swear I am not going the gift card route - yet. I am at that point when half the gifts I already have are wrapped and the remaining ones are scattered about awaiting my attention. I actually have enough paper, ribbon, tags, and tape to finish the job - miracles do happen. Naturally there is that "perfect" gift I bought this past spring, the location of which now alludes me. A gift I purchased for one of our great nephews is going to have to go into a larger box. The way it is packaged now, it was never intended to be wrapped - seriously - unless it involved some type of ballistic paper. 

My Christmas cards have been finished and put into the mail. God only knows when (and if) they will be delivered. So far, no names I mistakenly omitted have come to mind. No doubt they will, hopefully before Christmas Day.

I think I best stick to making a list of baked goods (and ingredients) I want to make and give to friends sometime before Christmas day. Many say it is the spirit of the season. I would say it is more like the devil in the details. Whatever. Isn't this the time when we are supposed to be enjoying family and friends? After all the dictionary defines "Holiday" as "a day of festivity or recreation when no work is done"  Personally, at this moment it is the swimming swans, milking maids, leaping lords, and that damn partridge someone left in a frigging pear tree that have me in an Ebeneezer frame of mind.

But to quote the great Roman stoic philosopher and statesman, Seneca, 'this too shall pass'.

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