Friday, November 19, 2021

Silk Purses, Sows' Ears, and Wet Hens

Every once in a while random thoughts go through my mind - not necessarily world peace type thoughts or questions of the universe. But, there are some things I just have always wondered about.

I'm pretty sure pigs don't fly but do the cows ever come home? 

How actually mad does a hen get when doused in water? Does it take dogs and cats?

Exactly how drunk was Cooter Brown any way? 

And, just who was Sam Hill?

I didn't know frogs had hair, if so it must be pretty fine.

Do grasshoppers have knees?

And, God help us if that creek ever crests.

Can the pot and kettle really speak, and, if so why is the kettle black?

What is the difference between a doohicky, thingamajig and whatchamacallit?

Certainly a cat would know better than to walk across a hot tin roof.

Is there a antonym for  "Highfalutin"?

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