Monday, January 17, 2022

A Good Snow Day

 Oh, snow!! Such a novelty down here. So much so that we are clueless as to what to do. The world may as well come to an end when the weather prediction is snow. The children are thrilled - a winter wonderland. Parents are a bit more concerned about making sure there is enough food (and adult beverages) and other provisions. As soon as the little snow flakes appear on the weather forecast page, the grocery shelves are cleared of eggs, milk, bread, and chips. There is also the fear of power outrages. Unfortunately, in the south snow is often accompanied with ice.

So here we are. There is a winter wonderland outside. What is it about the ground covered with a blanket of white frozen precipitation? A snow storm is just short of a unicorn down here. It is a rare site. The children are in search of a hill. The parents are just hoping that schools will open tomorrow.

Ellie and Marshall, my pups, are not fans. Given that their legs are just short of 4 inches, 6 inches of snow is quite the challenge. After all how can you be expected to pee when the snow is up to your shoulders? 

Personally I am secretly thrilled at the site of snow. The child in me comes out. Even though I am too old to frolic about, the inner child in me delights in the site of the blanket of white. I think all of us, if we are true to ourselves, enjoy a good snow storm. 

Although we rarely had snow in my hometown, it was not unusual for it to snow on High Acres. Most of my childhood "snow" memories are from times on the farm. If there was a forecast of snow up there, if possible, Daddy would make sure we were there. Even at his age then (a good 20 years younger than I am today) he was game. I'm not sure if it is the romance of the Courier and Ives prints of horse drawn sleighs making their way their across the land or the beauty of the white winter wonderland. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, there is something about a "Snow Day"that soothes the soul.

Never mind, the impassible roads, the dangerous black ice, power outrages, and cold, let's face it - who doesn't secretly smile when snow is in the forecast? Either you can relate or you are in denial. Of course, we will all be glad when it is over and our world returns to normal. But for now, let's just enjoy when the world as we know it stops, and we can appreciate the silence of the snow falling. 

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