Wednesday, September 29, 2021

My New Venture

 I take photographs and paint for enjoyment. The photography gets me outside visiting many venues - near and far. The painting relaxes me and soothes my soul. I decided to change my Etsy store from Photography to Paintings. After all, the photography seemed so dated and who wants a photograph on their wall. Well, truth be told, luckily many people. But my focus has changed. True, I still enjoy my photography. It gives me new vistas and subjects to paint.

Since each of my photographs is unique and created by me, I have decided to marry these 2 passions and paint my photography. I was very surprised to learn from Google, that this is not a unique thought. It is an art form that dates back as early as photography. The process is called "pentimento" or over painting. 

I have created dozens of small samples of larger works. Each 4x6 is a study of how a larger piece of the same photo would look. And, in full disclosure, a 34 cent photograph to work with is much less of an investment to experiment on than initially painting a 8x10 picture or a 16x20 canvas. My business model is designed to paint each work by commission, each being an original of the subject. 

So I have the new Etsy shop up and running, showcasing my work. There are many subjects to choose from. There are mountain scenes, sunsets at the beach, flowers, (flowers and flowers), old cars, and miscellaneous venues. Each piece is unique and created with love. The idea being that original art will be more interesting and desirable. Or, in my case, at least to those desiring it enough to spend their hard earned cash on it.

I have marketed my work as pieces for anyone's personal space, den, or office wall. These pieces can be a for one's own enjoyment or a gift. 

All that said, as with that cornfield in Iowa, if you build it, will they come? Christmas is right around the corner. 

Anyone who goes to my Etsy store and "Favorites" one of my pieces, will be sent a Discount Coupon for 25% off their entire purchase. Or one can simply use EARLYGIFT for 15% off. Please share and pass this post on far and wide. Rather than another scarf, cookbook, bottle of wine (well, I cannot compete with that one), or box of bath salts, wouldn't you rather give (and receive) an original piece of art?

Also patterns for Needlepoint or Cross Stitch are available for each piece.

Please check it out: Painted Photos by AC  

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