Monday, July 19, 2021

Not That I would Ever Judge Anyone

I don't mean to be judgmental, however there are times one has to question another human being's actions.

Yesterday I was standing in a fairly long line. While waiting I was privy to the conversation between to the two women in front of me. The first to speak was obese, could hardly walk, and generally looked unhealthy. Her friend was not in much better shape, but was most likely 75 pounds lighter which still put her in the extra large sizes. The conversation went like this:

"God, I'm finally going to get my knees done," said the first one. "I'm so tired of hobbling around, always being in pain, dealing with medication for high blood pressure, and now they say my sugar levels are high."

"Well good for you. I know that will make you feel better," said the second.

"I don't know about that, I am having to do so much to get ready."

"Like what?"

"Well, I'm pretty proud of myself. I've started watching what I eat - you know cutting out fatty and fried foods and pasta and bread. I've even started eating vegetables. When I go out anymore I try just to order a salad."

"Now that will make a difference."

"My doctor says so. He says it will lower my blood pressure, my triglycerides, my weight, and help with my knee. And it is really so easy. All I do is watch what I eat."

About this time we had reached the buffet table we had been so patiently waiting for. The first lady got her plate and added a good helping of pasta salad. Next was a nice green salad. She passed.

"Don't you want some of the salad?" asked her friend.

"Not today"

Then we moved onto to the fried chicken. She took a piece and hesitated. I could see what was going through her mind - her diet and her knees. I felt her pain. I had dieted before. Just then she put the large piece of chicken on her plate and picked up a second.

"You know I was only going to get one, but then I realized I would have to stand in line for a second piece. And with my knees and all...."

Naturally, not only did she get a heaping of BBQ, she made sure she had a bun to put it on as well as lots of sauce. By this time, I had had enough. I had no pity for her. We parted ways. I went to get some iced tea and she made her way to the desserts.

Obviously she had the easy part down - she was watching her food alright. 

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