Saturday, July 31, 2021

Times Moves on, Faster and Faster

 Am I  getting older, or is time really flying? Here we are at the end of August and my head is still getting through March. I read an article last month about how time actually does move faster as we age. The theory (or truth) being that as a young child we only have so many memories to deal with, only so many experiences to compare the events of each day to. As we age that number of life events, memories, and experiences expands - exponentially. Therefore as an older adult we mentally compare any given day's events to those many (many) thousands of days we have experienced in the past. 

Every minute, every hour, every day, and every week becomes just one of tens of millions of minutes and many ten of thousands of hours and days in the memory of our life. Where as in a 12 year old's mind there are multiple times fewer to moments to compare. 

Well, that explains a lot - I think. It took me a while to contemplate this concept. Does this mean that someone who has lived a very exciting and memorable life experiences an accelerated feeling of time moving on? Or in the case of a hermit who sees few people, rarely goes any where, or vary from a daily schedule - does he (or she) find time crawls by?

This begs to ask, when we are encouraged to live large, grab the brass ring, and make the most of our days are we scurrying toward the end at a more reckless pace? 

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