Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Are You Part of the Problem

 I rarely preach, but I'm pissed!  Let me get on my soap box for a moment. This has to do with Covid-19. The new mask mandate is totally avoidable, Hell, the entire disease is avoidable - if a majority of the citizens of this country would get vaccinated. Scientist , yes, those who have spent most of their lives dedicated to the study of public health and immunology, have been very clear in their statements that until  70-80% of us are fully vaccinated, this dreadful virus will not 'go away'. Not only will more Americans die from it, Covid19 will continue to mutate, getting harder and harder to get under control.

And for those who say getting vaccinated and/or wearing a mask is a restrain on their 'freedom', perhaps they should consider what 'freedom' really is. The definition of 'freedom' is: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Well, consider this - none of us will have that power if we do not overcome this virus. In such cases, there will be no hindrance or restraint of Covid19. So it is your choice, you can temporarily give up your 'freedom' or take the chance of the virus exercising  its freedom.

It is simple, it is free, it only takes a 20 minutes or so, and can be found at most drugstores down the street or around the block. If you are holding out due to political rhetoric or ideological pressure, for the sake of your young children, grandchildren, or older parents - just do it. You don't have to admit any weakness you may feel, no one needs to know. If totally necessary, get the vaccination in a neighboring town, wear a hat and sunglasses, or a large trench coat, should you fear any judgmental friends may see you. Doing so will be your part of the solution.

As soon as I was eligible, I got the vaccination. And, at that time it is was a difficult to get an appointment for it. Now, there is no excuse. Anyone can walk into a drug store, Dr's Office, or Medical Clinic and get it. However, due to the hesitation, misinformation, peer pressure, and, in some cases, simple laziness, too many of you have failed to do so.

We are now experiencing a new mutation - the Delta mutation that has made this awful illness even harder to control. And, as a footnote, had we already had 70-80% of the population vaccinated, this would not have been such a serious issue.

When the mask mandate for the vaccinated was dropped, many of those not vaccinated chose also not to wear a mask. This is where the problem got worse. As one vaccinated, I had done my part. I no longer had to fear getting a severe case of the virus and suffering hospitalization, intabation, or death. I was safe, but those un-vaccinated were not. Opting their freedom by choosing not to wear a mask gave the virus freedom to spread and mutate. Now more younger people, 99% un-vaccinated, are suffering hospitalization and, in some cases, death.

As for 'break through' transmissions, this is rare and almost never causes hospitalization. (An exception being those with preexisting conditions and auto-immune issues). Naturally those who want to spread the misinformation about the vaccine say this is a sign that the vaccine does not work. In truth, it is the opposite, it does work in preventing severe illness or death. More importantly it is the only way the virus can be controlled or stopped. 

It is terrible to hear doctors and nurses talk about those young un-vaccinated patients' last words before getting intabated are often, said between gasps for their breadth, 'can I get the vaccination'. Then it is too late.

I may be cruel here, but I have lost all patience. For God's sake if not already vaccinated, get vaccinated. And, share this with anyone you know who is not already vaccinated. Don't be the thoughtless and ignorant one. Don't fall for the peer pressure of those who know no better. Do your part. I can't speak for you but I'm tired of all this, I do not want to wear a mask. And, I have little patience for those not willing to listen to the scientist and medical profession.

In short, you can be the problem or the solution. You can bend to false information or choose to do your part. However, should you choose the former, take in mind you are doing your part to extend this deathly virus. 

As we say down here, Pretty Please.... with Sugar on Top.

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