Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Queen's Purse

 What, pray tell, does the  Queen carry in her purse.  You know the one  she  always has draped across her arm. Even in the series "The Crown", Queen Elizabeth always carries it with her as she moves from room to room in which ever residence she is at the time. When she sits, she places it on the floor by her chair. But, I digress.

My mother always had a few Kleenexes, a bottle of aspirin, a roll of Certs (usually opened with half gone), a comb, her wallet, and a small pad with phone numbers and addresses on it. Also, there was the ever present cellophane wrapped package of cheese Nab crackers. Now for those of you who may not be aware, my mother was a true believer that a package of these crackers could solve world peace. Well, maybe not that, but certainly they could calm an upset tummy, satisfy the qualms of restless little ones asking, "Are we there yet?", and even go as far as to settle a back seat argument between siblings. That said, I doubt the Queen carries such.

The only time her Majesty drives is when she is rumbling around one of the estates in an ancient land cruiser dressed in an old Barbour coat with several Corgis in the back.  I doubt then a driver's licence is required. She never shops, so there would be no need for a wallet. A comb perhaps? But then again she doesn't strike me as a lady who does her own hair. Maybe a compact of powder and a tube of lipstick. Kleenexes are possible, although in her case no doubt it is a starched lrish linen handkerchief with her initials or the royal standard embroidered on it. 

I guess on state occasions she may need a place for the notes of remarks she may be giving.  Perhaps her reading glasses or a pair of sunglasses. I wouldn't be surprised for her to have a copy of the Daily Racing Form stuck in there. Who knows? I certainly don't but would be most curious to find out.

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