Thursday, May 13, 2021

Grandparents by Any Other Name

 There is nothing like grandchildren. I could stop there and any grandparent would hardily agree.

The reaction to that declaration is often, "Aren't they great. You can enjoy them and send them home when you are tired." But, in my mind, a true grandparent would never say that (even if they shared that belief when they had been run ragged by 1 or 2 small children). But, I digress.

Grandchildren open your mind to their unabashedly clear unfiltered thoughts. To me it is refreshing to get a blatant answer to any question. I am often surprised by their look at life. Their minds are free of the clutter we "old" folks have amassed over the years. They truly live in the moment all the time. I only wish their world would stay that way.

Naturally it is easier to have patience and dote on Grandchildren. Grandparents are more mature than they were when they were raising rearing their own children. And more often than not, a grandchild's love is honest and rarely changes as they age. 

Unlike the idiotic, slow minded person you were at times in the minds of your children, Grandchildren see their grandparents as a fountain of love and knowledge. 

As a grandparent, my granddaughters are the cutest, the brightest, most creative, funniest, and loving - naturally. Of course we are quick to agree with other grandparents as they brag on their grandchildren. Being polite, I was reared that way. (But, I know my grandchildren are the best! Just Saying.)

I grew up hearing endearing stories by my father about his beloved maternal grandmother, who lived with them after his grandfather died. She was Scottish, and her name was Mary Stewart Currie. He called her 'GranCurrie". I was named for her - Ann Currie. She died many years before I was born. Hearing his stories of her, I would love to have met her. She was a very important part of my father's childhood. My daughter always said she wanted her children to call me "GranCurrie" (like her Great Great Grandmother) and so it is. I  am thrilled to be referred to in such an endearing way.  

Grandparents are all given a moniker. Some of these are the choice of the grandparents themselves - Grandmama, Grandmother, Maamaa, Granny, Granddaddy, Papa, to name a few. My parents were Doc and Zeezee to my girls. I think the most endearing names are those assigned by the grandchildren themselves, I question any grandparent who doesn't except these names as a true sign of love. 

It's like my Daddy said, "If I had known how wonderful granchildren are, I would have had them first!

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