Friday, May 7, 2021

The Coup de Grace of Ignorance in the South

 As polite and friendly as the Southern culture is famous for, there are many faux pas that can occur when one doesn't know any better. Just one of these alone can trip up the mere mortal. Then there are the cardinal sins, some so egregious they can bring about a fate worse than death.That said here is a short list of those missteps, mistakes, no nos, and gaffes that are frowned upon. 

Putting dark meat in your chicken salad is one. I have known some ladies who found an invitation to join the local garden club rescinded for this misjudgment. 

Showing up at the Junior League meeting with store bought cookies is another. And if they are still in the plastic container, you may as well leave town. This is the type sin that will bring disgrace on the family for generations. 

A third is forgetting to put flowers in the church when it is one's assigned Sunday. Worse yet, forgetting to remove the dead arrangement prior to the following Sunday service. This can be the kiss of death, especially if the lady placing flowers on the alter that following Sunday is one known to gossip. 

While on the subject of flowers, it is frowned upon, let me rephrase that, one should never leave plastic flowers on a grave - not even the 'realistic' silk blossoms. Not only is this seen as disrespectful to the dearly departed, it is down right tacky. 

Wearing white to a funeral or black to a Deb ball - enough said. 

 Commenting about a lady's weight in mixed company. Even if it is so, one doesn't want to seem petty. 
Re-gifting a wedding gift or any gift for that matter, of course that is unless you can do it without getting caught.

Not using Duke's Mayonnaise in your chicken salad or your deviled eggs. Nothing else will do. . . period. 

And you thought wearing white shoes prior to Easter or after Labor Day was the only thing to worry about. If so, bless your heart, you can't help it, you just don't know any better.


Suzanne said...

My mother said she would haunt me if I ever put plastic flowers on her grave.

AC Williams said...

She was a wise woman with good taste.