Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rainy Days and Mondays



I may be in denial, but in my mind, I am somewhere in my late 40's, well south of my true age of 60 something.

Yesterday I over heard a conversation among several young folks in their 20's. Referring to the inclement weather of the day. A young man remarked, "This reminds me of that old song 'Rainy Day and Mondays'. 

My interest was peaked since the Carpenters were a favorite group of my mine in my younger days.

The conversation continued as someone else asked, "What song?"

"You know the one that goes [and he started singing] '. . . hanging around, nothing to do but frown, rainy days and Mondays always get me down."

A young lady, sporting hair in several shades of pink and purple commented, "Never heard that one. Who sings it?"

I wanted to answer. It was the Carpenters, of course. But, I refrained.

The young man replied, "I'm not sure, maybe the Hammer Heads,"

"No, it was the Carpenters, I remember my mother played that song a lot," responded a young lady in her late thirties. "She loved their music. That song is old, I think from some time in the 70's."

The tune and lyrics played in my head, 'What I've got they used to call the blues. Nothing is really wrong. Feeling like I don't belong . . .'

The young man laughed. "That was 50 something years ago."

Ouch!  What is the old saying, 'You're as old as you feel.' Then I remembered the first line of the song, 'Talking to myself and feeling old . . .'  Reality is truly a bitch.

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