Wednesday, May 12, 2021

True Girl Friends are Always There

I truly believe that a woman's super powers are the close friendships she has with other women. These relationships are there for support, fun, and entertainment. They serve as a sounding board, teacher, trainer, mentor, marital therapist, stylist, wardrobe consultant, and any thing else they need to be in order to support each other. Only those few close friends who meet all these roles are to be considered true "Girl Friends". 

Being with your girl friends is often like being on a tropical island in the middle of stormy seas. With them one's cares are left behind, if only even for an hour or two.

Girl friends are honest and frank when you need to hear the truth, compassionate and understanding when things are not going well, and compatriots when times call for a good fun.

Girl friends are the ones you want with you when trying on swimsuits, they are only ones who will share the agony of the search and provide an honest opinion when asked. 

They are the ones with whom you can bare your soul, confess your sins, share your dreams, and ask for advice. They are there to share your gossip, fears, trials and triumphs. They are blatantly honest, fiercely supportive, non-judgmental, and always available. They are the ones with you through good times and bad. 

True girl friends are always there when you need them yet they know when to leave you alone. They remember all the good times, quickly forget the spats you may have had, forgive you of any sins, and always take your side.

Men may have their friends who share a love of sports and games. They may help each other with a project or two.  They may converse about the news, politics, or their sports team, but, they rarely share those emotional bonds, true honesty, and support women find with their true friends.

Girl friends are those you can always count on, will always defend you - even when they disagree, and are dedicated to the end. Once when an older lady was asked what a true girl friend was, she smiled, thought for a minute, and said, "If I ever meet my demise in an untimely matter, my girl friends, without being asked, will be the first at my home to make sure there are no dirty clothes thrown about, that the beds are made, and the old food and condiments have been cleaned from my refrigerator - and all before anyone else arrives."

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