Saturday, October 23, 2021

A is Red and so is Sunday in Thailand

This will sound odd, but what else is new, coming from me? As long as I can remember, in my mind, I see letters in specific colors. Yes, I know I should have sought help earlier. (I'll add that to my list of things to do.)

In my mind, A is red, B is blue, C is purple, D is blue, E is a dull yellow, F is brown, G is orange, H is yellow, I is white and on it goes. OK, some folks are blessed with certain innate talents. Unfortunately, mine is mental - and not mental in the way of Einstein. But, I digress.

Speaking of assigned colors, I came upon an interesting article on Thailand. Among the unique customs of this ancient country is an interesting one of colors - one for each day of the week. On each given day of the week, Thai citizens traditionally wear the color of day. Also, everyone sees the color of the day of the week they were born on as their lucky color. There is also a Buddha assigned to each day, although I did not read anything about the Buddhas being coordinated with a color.

Assigned colors are:
Sunday –         red
Monday –        yellow/cream
Tuesday –        pink
Wednesday –   green at daytime, grey at night
Thursday –      orange/brown
Friday –           light blue
Saturday –       purple/black

And, another interesting fact is that each day also has an "unlucky" color.
Sunday -          blue
Monday-          red
Tuesday -         yellow & white
Wednesday       (Daytime) pink
Wednesday       (Nighttime) orange & red
Thursday          purple
Friday               blue black & dark blue
Saturday           purple & green 

Just like our days of the week are named for planets and ancient gods, the Thai culture also has a planet for each day of the week as well as a Hindu deity that protects each day are:

Sunday             Sun  - Surya
Monday            Moon - Chandra
Tuesday            Mars - Mangala
Wednesday       Daytime - Mercury Budh
Wednesday       Nighttime - Mercury Rahu
Thursday          Jupiter - Brihaspati
Friday               Venus - Shukra
Saturday           Saturn - Shani

Who knew? It is all I can do to select a color of sweater to wear each day, perhaps I should coordinate with the traditional Thai colors. Of course, I would need to change clothes twice on Wednesday. And, add some orange and brown to my wardrobe since I was born on Thursday. And, learn to avoid purple.

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