Monday, October 4, 2021

A Ouija Board, a Magic Wand, and a Genie in a Bottle

 Everyone has most likely played that game of naming a list of people, well there are several of these lists. One is - If you were stranded on a dessert island, what 3 things would you want with you? Number two is - If you could have one wish what would it be? Number three is - who would be your dream guest list for a dinner party?

Obviously, these are all personal. Everyone has different answers, well except that a majority of us would ask for unlimited money somewhere in here. As for me, I have thought about these queries long and hard over many years.

For the first, I would want a Ouija Board, a Magic Wand, and a Geni in a bottle. The magic wand just a back up in case the Geni is uncooperative. 

My one wish would not be world peace, contrary to that desire of many Miss America Finalists. I would request the ability (and resources) to travel anywhere I wanted at anytime.

As for the dinner party, this is my favorite. There are 2 categories alive and dead. The list of those still in the here and now would include: Annie Leibovitz, Kevin Costner, Dr. Nan Morrison (one of my college English Lit professors), a certain young man I didn't date in high school but should have (whose name I will not reveal),  John Martin Taylor (a well known Charleston chef who penned "Straighten up and Fry Right" aka The Fearless Frying Cookbook), Ted Turner, and Aaron Sorkin.

The list of those who have passed would include my father (a true Renaissance man of his time), my Auntie (a favorite Great Aunt of mine who cussed like a sailor, smoked Salems, and always had a great story), Bill Lynch (a family friend who epitomized a gentleman from an old Charleston family who introduced me to good Gin and Cointreau at the age of 15), Dr. Frampton (the minister of the Presbyterian Church I attended as a child), Cokie Roberts, and Judge Blane Michael (the funniest white man I ever knew).

When you have a quiet moment, I suggest you make your own lists. I cannot speak for everyone, but it put my life in perspective. And, although I doubt any of these wishes will come true, I can always dream.

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