Saturday, October 2, 2021

"They" Know a Virus is not Contagious

This truly goes under the category, "You can't make this stuff up."

I was in a store yesterday, one that requested its patrons wear masks while shopping.  Although I do not like wearing a mask, I respect any store that has such a policy. The gentleman in front of me in line turned around. "Don't you just hate having to wear that thing," he asked as he pointed to my mask. I noted he was not wearing one.

"It's not my favorite thing but I respect the store's right to request it," I said, trying not to sound nonplussed.

"Well, I happen to know for a fact that they do no good - not effective at all." He continued, "Let me show you." With that he pulled out his American Express card. "See that comma between 30 and 2023 (the expiration date)?" Before I could answer, he continued. "This card," he pointed to his Amex Card,"is a hole in your mask. That comma is the virus. So you can see a mask does no good."

"Well . . . ", I started to comment about N-95 masks, but he continued before I could finish my thought. "There is a book everyone must read, called The Invisible Rainbow. It is over 100 pages and 25 of those are footnotes citing the experts." As this point, all that went through my mind was The Rainbow Fish, The Reading Rainbow, and Unicorns.

"You should know, the Spanish Flu in 1918, which did not start in Spain, actually started in Kansas." Before I could offer that I knew that, he continued. "And it was not spread by contagion, like people to people. It was spread along the telephone wires that had recently been strung across the country. It spread by radio waves coming from the lines. Then the transcontinental telephone line spread the disease to Europe."

"Phone lines? Really?" I replied.

"Yes, there is proof that radio waves carry all types of viruses. You know in the Army, the first thing they tell you is to stay away from radar and x-rays? The Army knows all about this, they have just keep it secret."

"Huh, I haven't read anything about this."

"It's all in The Invisible Rainbow, you should read it." He continued,"And the experts know a virus is not contagious, it's nothing but dead cells."

I started,"And this is in  . . ." But before I could finish, he cut me off. "It's all in the book. You really need to read it. And, you know what caused Covid19?"

"Phone lines?"

"No, the 5G network. It's everywhere and it has spread the virus across the globe." I was hoping that he would quickly reach the register, so he could pay for the few things he was holding and spare me any more of his scientific theory. But, luck was not on my side. The lady in front of him decided she needed to pay with a personal check and it was taking her a while to locate her checkbook in her rather large purse.

"There is a great video called 'Covid19 in 19 Minutes'." He continued. "But you want find this on Google. It can only be found on a secret browser that only real serious scientist follow."

Finally, it was his time to check out. "There is a God," I silently told myself. As he left, he turned, pointed to me and smiled, "Get the book, you really need to read it."

The only thing I could say was,"It all sounds very interesting."

With that he turned and left. I was tempted to follow him out the door and see if he was going to don a tin foil hat. But then, I had given him enough of my life. I'll take my chances with telephone lines and the 5G network. No doubt, somewhere over the rainbow . . .

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